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Memories The Yearly Photoalbum.
Memories- Remembering the Childhood.

“Life is about the perfect moments… looking for the next while holding on to the ones you had”

Most of us don’t have memories of first few years of our school lives- 

We remember very little of life before the age of seven. 

Today our memories are held in a digital camera roll. And most of them will never be turned into 
something you can hold in your hands. 

in capturing all the wonderful moments of your child in these lovely years. 

I am sure, at some point of 
of time, you will sit down as a family and look through them. 

Therefore, we have a beautiful concept called “Memories”. It is a personalized photo album 
having 15 professional photo shoot of your ward school life. These photo albums will be 
helpful in preserving the lifetime memories. 

The cost is Rs 12500 which is payable in two installments(BEFORE March 2023).

Believe us, it is going to be one of the best thing you can gift to your child- Memories. It will tell their amazing stories in their future to next generation. 

We are sure our little champions and you as their Parents and Grandparents will cherish them for the rest of your life.