Sports Club (Class Nursery Onwards)

About Revolution Sports:

If you have love for the little ones, and love teaching them, then Nursery teaching or playgroup teaching is certainly a great career for you. However you have to be trained in the respective field before you get hands on to teaching young minds. DPME is a one-year diploma teacher training course which involves theoretical and practical training regarding child teaching, care and management of Preschool. The need for professionally qualified teachers has prompted an leading Preschool like The Champs International – A World Class Preschool to make foray into the teacher training field. Our Teacher Training Courses are gaining increasing popularity because of the success of our past trainees and their effective recommendation of our courses to those in need.This course trains young aspirants in order to ensure the correct development of young children.

revENGAGE Program

What it is? A during the school structured Sport skill development program designed to develop gross motor and athletic skills in young kids in a positive, supportive, non-competitive environment

  • Structured and age progressive program designed for 4 age groups: Pre-Nur & Nur, KG-2, 3-5 & 6+
  • At TCI
    • For Pre-Nur & Nur– We’ll follow our Early Childhood Activity Program for motor skills development and movement concepts
    • For KG-2: Through our Multi-Sports program, children learn the skills and concepts of a variety of sports including basketball, football, volleyball, striking games, hockey, tennis, rugby & athletics.
  • Program runs throughout the year covering different sports & activities in modules where each module addresses skills of one particular sport through fun, child-centered, play-based unique games & activities
  • All activities are delivered by trained Child Coaching Experts who use best practice approach to ensure child engagement in activities in Fun & Safe environment
  • Assessment to review skill & fitness levels for kids starting Class 1 and above
What’s in for the Child? (BENEFITS)
  • Early childhood introduction to sports to help children develop natural athleticism for different sports, preparing them for later specialization for sports of their choice/capabilities.
  • Age appropriate skill development.
  • Life Skills development through sporting activities…Nothing better than sporting activities to teach social & team building skills.
  • Keep kids active and stay away from Smartphones & TV.
S.NoGradeCurriculum Approach Beanbag and flying scarfAdditional Sport
1NurseryABC locomotor skills 
2KGStrike dribble and bowl Fun with feet (Football)1. Gymnastics/Taekwondo
1st & 2ndBasketball Football2. Skating